When its real

Erin Watt,Pauline Vidal,

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AUTEUR Erin Watt,Pauline Vidal,
ISBN 9782755628142

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Do New York Times best-seller autor(a) Erin Watt vem com um viciante conto contemporâneo, uma estrela do rock adolescente com necessidade de (When It's Real)4,2/5(). It's a big fat love we feel in our hearts We're keepin' it, keepin' it, keepin' it real And it's oh yes, my oh my The earth shakes when you walk by It's a fairy tale that we made true I can't believe that I found you And it's oh yes, my oh my People turn and look when we walk by It's a big fat love we feel in our hearts. 01/06/ · "When It's Real" was a story that pulled me in from the very first page and with an engaging plot and brilliant writing, I couldn't stop turning the pages. I enjoyed every single moment of reading Vaughan and Oakley's story. It was a refreshing take on the rock star romance genre.4,4/5().