The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde

Joseph Pearce,,

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AUTEUR Joseph Pearce,,
ISBN 9780002740517

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“The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde is a brilliant interpretive biography of a wit, bon vivant, and literary genius who still delights us a century after his death. In Joseph Pearce’s sympathetic appraisal we never forget that Wilde was not just an entertainer but a soul that found . THE UNMASKING OF OSCAR WILDE User Review - Kirkus. This latest contribution to the spate of centenary Wilde studies discusses the importance of religion, specifically Catholicism, in the author's life and work—from Jane Francesca Wilde's impulsive 5/5(1). 6/4/ · 'The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde' uncovers how his 'heart of stone' was broken by the two-year prison sentence and probes the deeper thinking behind the masterpieces of Reviews: 3.