The Cat Who Ate Christmas

Lil Chase,Thomas Docherty,

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AUTEUR Lil Chase,Thomas Docherty,
ISBN 9781510200821

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12/21/ · My cat is obsessed with eating strings artificial plants, plants, grass. Well I'm guess around 24 hours ago, She ate some christmas tinsel. I do not have money for the vets right now. What do I do? DO I just wait? Also The tinsel is not out fully like tinsel coming out of her anus (sounds very gross) And is still there, It's just plain string now. 12/15/ · Cat eating artificial Christmas tree! Help! Thread starter we needed to rush him into emergency surgery for an obstruction in the small intestines because he apparently ate a lot more of this fake Christmas tree [emoji][/emoji]. My cat ate a couple artifical pine needles he then vomited twice he threw up two pine needles he isn't. 10/9/ · The Cat Who Ate Christmas will have children giggling and grimacing throughout. Jingles the cat is precocious, getting into the ornaments, food, even presents. If you've ever had to chase a cat out of a tree, his antics will be all too familiar. However, the family still 5/5(3).