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Jan 12,  · Susan Sontag, American intellectual and writer best known for her essays on modern culture. Sontag (who adopted her stepfather’s name) was reared in Tucson, Arizona, and in Los Angeles. She attended the University of California at Berkeley for one year and then transferred to the University of. AIDS and Its Metaphors is a work of critical theory by Susan this companion book to her Illness as Metaphor (), Sontag extends her arguments about the metaphors attributed to cancer to the AIDS crisis. Sontag explores how attitudes to disease are formed in society, and attempts to deconstruct Susan Sontag. Sep 18,  · Susan Sontag bullied her lover, snapper to the stars Annie Leibovitz, mercilessly, telling her, "You're so dumb, you're so dumb," a searingly honest book about Sontag's life reveals.